Presented by Lumisque Skincare, CO2LIFT is a medical-grade brand of cosmeceuticals that harnesses the natural powers and benefits of carbon dioxide to tighten, lift and rejuvenate the skin. CO2LIFT Pro can be used in office during the numbing process or post facial treatments and procedures to help expedite healing. It works for people of all ages, genders and skin types.

What will I notice with the CO2LIFT PRO?

An improvement in:

> Fine lines > Wrinkles > Dull tone
> Textural imbalances
> Dark circles around the eyes
> Enlarged pores > Dehydration


While one CO2LIFT PRO application can grant an improvement in skin quality, it is recommended to use one a week for three week. These skin quality improvements will last up to six months.

CO2LIFT PRO is 30% more concentrated than what is available online.

CO2Lift is backed by clinical studies proving its efficacy that are published in peer-reviewed journals such as Surgical Technology International (May 2018) and the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (April 2021).