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Dustin King, APRN-CNP, and Jaime King, RN BSN, are the professionals behind Contour Medical Aesthetics. They share close to 30 years of experience in the medical industry. With a shared background in emergency and critical care medicine, they bring a valuable skill set to skincare aesthetics.


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At Contour Medical Aesthetics, every service is treated as a true medical procedure. Jaime’s background means her focus is on sterile, aseptic techniques to ensure every patient’s health, along with proven products for the most dramatic and effective results.

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Meet JaIME & Dustin


Jaime has been working in skincare aesthetics since 2008, when she completed her certifications in Botox and dermal fillers. She has experience working in both plastic surgery and medical spa facilities, and her ongoing work in critical care and PACU units give her a unique advantage in medical aesthetics. Steady hands, an experienced eye, and a medical background you can trust makes Jaime the quintessential medical aesthetician.

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Dustin is an ER nurse practitioner at the VA and has worked in emergency medicine since 2008. He serves as the medical director at Contour Medical Aesthetics, where he collaborates with Jaime during the patient’s consultation process. Dustin has an artistic eye and has received training himself in the specialty of aesthetic medicine. 



Being new to Botox, fill and peels, I was a bit nervous. Jamie quickly helped me  put my fears away. She is professional and explains options that would be perfect for my skin. I appreciate that Jamie has given me a refreshed face while I still look like me. I smile when I see my reflection. Thanks Jamie! I highly recommend her esthetician services.  

- Jan J

I have been to a few injectors over the years. Typically it takes a few times to get everything right. From the beginning Jaime knew exactly where and how many units I needed. This was such a time saver for me as I lead a busy life. She never pushes to do more and let’s you know when she thinks you need less. I think we can sometimes get a little over zealous when it comes to facial augmentation and having an expert like Jaime guide you is so important. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

- Lisa G

Being a mature woman that has  mature skin.  I know just how fast life can go sideways.  Jaime has the touch. At our age we bruise   Jaime has the very unique talent to know exactly how to place the syringe to receive the optimal results.   

- DeLacy S.

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